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Sept. 24, 2011: Well...
Well... Decision has been made. The comic will be up bi-weekly, because I have far too much work to produce weekly comics. :( Sorry. Maybe he frequency will change, but don't count much on it.

Sept. 03, 2011: Oh, lookie!
I'm not dead. I'll trry to push comics weekly from now on. No promises. Also, join Art 9.

Sept. 14, 2009: Comic reboot!
The comic will restart on Oct. 01, 2009! I have nothing else other than appology, because my comic was on hiatus for 6 months or so. But -- I've managed to almost complete the project in question -- It's a another site like DeviantArt or Sheezyart, called Art 9, but it's still in mild development level. I should have enough time for making the comic from now on :D

Mar 3, 2009: Delays, delays, delays
Appologies about all the delays considering the comic, but currently I'm stuck with a project, and I'm too busy with it to do anything else... Sure, that I draw art here and there, but that's just not it... It seems, that I just can't find time to create sequential art (comic), but I'll make one 'till the weekend. Promise.

Dec 28, 2008: Last comic for 2008
This is is, guys! 2008 ended for this comic, and it's getting ready for the 2009. Altho, it has far less comics, than I wanted it to, but it was still okay year. I'll really, Really, REALLY try to be more frequent... But you know... Me being busy with various things are keeping me from making comics on more regular basis... For 2009, I can't really do anything more than just TRY to make more comics... But anyways... Have fun, and let the force of 2009 be with you! Wait... What?

Dec 25, 2008: Happy holidays!
From now 'till Jan 4th is time to party! Let's rock C:

Dec 16, 2008: Latest up-to-dates!
All new jazz! As you've might have noticed, the 'forum' part of the site is now enabled, so everyone leave whatever you're doing and join the forums. :) ALSO, I'm not quite sure if the forum is working properly, so, if you have any kind of problem with it, shoot me an email to and I'll fix it as soon as I can. Other than that -- I'm sure you're all waiting for the comic, that was scheduled for today. My photoshop died, when I've drawn like 70% of the comic, and I was very upset, because I didn't freaking SAVE! :( But about 50% is already redrawn, so update will be late tomorrow (I have a job :| )... What else? Oh, I'm starting to work more actively on the comic system, but I'm still quite far away from making everything working. It will be up in (near?) future. But 'till then, Comicgenesis sill operates, and will be used until isn't properly online. And the last, but not least, the RSS feed has new link. The links in the page have already been updated, and if you haven't dont that yet, please point the RSS reader to

Dec 07, 2008: Posting date is now set.
The comic will update Mondays morning (or late, late Sunday evening), so...

I've also tried to create more than one comic per week, but I failed... I'm way too busy with various mundane things, like job, school and other random jobs. I'm sorry... It might be possible to create more than 1 page per week in the (near?) future, but I still can't see it being possible. Yet, at least...

See ya next week XD. Oh, and forums might come up soon, too...

Nov 23, 2008: Oopsie
My bad. No more Bioshock to blame. (now maybe Tomb Rider ;) ). Next comic wednesday.

Nov 21, 2008: Another comic delay
Blame Bioshock. I know I am. Comic will be on later today...

Nov 17, 2008: Comic delay
I'm sure you've all noticed the lack of the comic this week... Don't worry... That was just me being stupid... 2 pages are planned for this week; Wednesday and Friday. See you then.

Nov 2, 2008: Have feed, will travel.
BTS comic has RSS feed now. Subscribe to it. Direct link to it is

Oct 31, 2008: Happy halloween!
Wishing you a happy Halloween in the name of Wolfhowl Media. Have a blast! Now, moving back to making the RSS thingy working...

Also a note on Keenspace / Comic genesis archive: As first, I admire it, and and I'm happy for the fact, that the genesis hosted the archive of my comic for the last 2 years. But, as of late, there are some issues with the archive which are motivating me into making my own comic services. Mostly for comics of my own creations, and quite possibly some guest comics as well... And since I have a week vacation, I'll try to make everything work in that timeframe :3... So... With some luck I'll see you next week at Who knows...

Oct 21, 2008: RSS feeds up soon!
Due to the comic being drawn only once per week (practically any day is possible, but I'm still hoping to target mostly Sundays), altho, I'm really going to try to update more often, the RSS feeds (or Live Bookmarks or whichever your browser is calling them) will be available for this site, but there is still quite a bit to do behind it, so it will be probably online in a week or two... Please expect the comic to be up Wednesday / Thursday due to lack of time (once again...)

Oct 15, 2008: Little delay
I was really, really hoping, that I wouldn't need to delay a comic... It already suffered too many delays and blackouts, but I'm exhausted due to many mundane things, such as job and lack of free time to at least organise everything as it should be. On the bright side, I did managed to do the lineout for the next page. That usually takes most of the time... I need a buffer. Badly. Anyway... Expect the comic to be online tommorow or at most Thursday.

Sep 29, 2008: Layout updated!
The layout is updated (as promised almost 6 months ago), but some links are still unavailable, since the comic is moving to a new location (not server :P ), and will be updated / created when the new domain is properly configured and helper application is running.

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